CRY OF ORPHAN (CHAPTER 1) #THE LIFE OF WILLIAMS Williams was a very popular businesses man,He travel from one country to another, he is loyal and patient. He have A wife and A children, All the members of is country no him because of the grate work he did for his country like road,electricity, pipe […]


Cry of orphan

The story is very intresting,it is a motivative and heart toching story The best thing is to have parent no one can resemble your parent #watch out now!!! For the full story message me now @,whatsapp or email on !! Whatsapp @ +2347062864132 email for the full story message +2347062864132

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BINGULE JINGLE JUNGLE very interesting story please #like #follow and #shear now !!!

THE NOVEL “BINGULE JINGLE JUNGLE”, is an interesting story, Base on the colonial Era. MALLOW the senator of BINGUL’S land,sit down on the top of the castle discussing with son ROBOT MALLOW About the last war by the people of JINGLE that take place in the jungle (thick forest) that divided the county into two […]

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Life #’

When God at first made man He gave them all is blessing Man keep Enjoying untill they sin to their creator . And man started sufering Oh thy creator,fogive us And return our blessing Bless us oh lord And gude us on our ways Life is like a roaling dice When you trow it seveal […]

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Knowledge …. Knowledge is like an endless resources A well of the growing human soul Knowledge is found everywhere Therefore never stop learning …. Because the moment you do,you will stop maturing

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